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Speaker Interview – Shaun Rolls

In your presentation on the Business Architecture Convention you will address why business architecture and data management are essential foundation layers to enable an AI, ML and an integrated analytics marketplace. Can you give us a brief insight on why that is?

Too often in most organisations, especially many that I have worked for or now advising, AI, Cloud and ML are what every C-level / senior management advocate of what are most important to succeed in across their organisation. Though their journey to achieve their AI, Cloud and ML strategies focuses predominantly on the technology rather than developing the foundation of the essential business architecture defined capabilities and the integrated data management structures that are essential to succeed and scale AI, ML and advanced analytics strategies.

What can the delegates expect to learn from your presentation at the event?

Clearly explained and tested integrated strategies that organisations can directly apply in their own teams combined with innovative insights from real case studies that will both accelerate and help delegates avoid common mistakes to guide them to be successful in executing on AI, ML, and advanced analytics strategies towards their new business models.

What are you looking forward to most at the event?

Meeting new delegates and familiar faces, collaborating, networking and learning from the excellent Business Architecture Convention community that I have been part of for many years! While of course having fun and being inspired!

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